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Frequently Asked Questions

e-TakeOut is a complete online ordering solution that gives your business an internet presence. It provides your business with an attractively designed website with a functionality to allow your customers to place orders online and to have it received by you through an iBacsTel remote printer.

If you already have a website in place for your business and do not wish to replace it then that's not a problem. We will simply plug in our online ordering system into your website for you to benefit from the features of eTakeout.

The beauty of eTakeout is that you will never be charged based on commission and there are no hidden fees. After you are set up and ready to go you will only pay the monthly cost of the service depending on which price plan you choose.

Not only does eTakeout provide an excellent online ordering solution but it is packed with great reporting and marketing tools. You can also send SMS offers and emails to your customers to encourage more orders. Create and manage vouchers and coupons.

With eTakeout marketing tools you can track yours orders and perform detailed observations using many useful filters and sorting techniques. These techniques will able you to identify the number of orders paid by cash or card, weather coupons were used and the number of orders placed within a specified period. You can also carry out close observation on specific customers to distinguish between your regulars and those less frequent customers.

eTakeout provides a SMS marketing tool where you would be able to create groups and contact lists of your customers. You will also be able to import contact lists of customers from other sources resulting in the ability to send bulk SMS to your customer list effortlessly. You can include a voucher code for discounts or give them percentage discounts for a selected period. SMS marketing is a very productive and efficient way of marketing.

You can send SMS messages to your customers regarding offers from as little as 2p per SMS.

You will be able to purchase SMS credit by login into your eTakeout owner Control panel. We have great SMS credit deals to offer that will suit your needs. Simply navigate to the SMS marketing tab and you will be able to buy SMS credit using your debit/credit cards.

eTakeout provides a voucher management tool, which allows you to create different types of vouchers. For example, you will be able to create a voucher that is aimed for a specific customer(s) which can be used once only. Or you can create a voucher that can be used by customers as many times as they want. You can put a validity period on the voucher so it will expire after the expiration date. You can also have vouchers that are specific to a certain dish. This entitles customers to have a free meal or special discount, just something to keep hold of your customers and maintain their interest in your business. There are other combinations of voucher codes available. This is a great feature to take advantage of as it can aid in the increase of your cash flow along with converting your irregular customers back to regulars again.

eTakeout provides a reporting tool, with which you can use to monitor your online business. You can pull out a report to illustrate the most ordering customers, the least ordering customers, and many more.

eTakeout online ordering system accepts most major payment method. This includes Visa, JCB, American Express and MasterCard.

With eTakeout we are always there to help to ensure you get the best out of our service. That is why we do not have any limitations to the number of request you may have regarding the design of your website, and it is absolutely free of charge.

Yes. Simply talk to one of our team members over the phone on 02921 000 218 and they would be happy to help switch your price plan to the one you want as soon as the payment process has been completed.

No. Unless your customer voluntarily request to have their details saved, they will need to enter them each time they place an order.

All sensitive information is password protected and SSL encrypted. So there is no need to be afraid of insecurity.

Certainly. Customers will be notified of your opening hours and will only be able to set a delivery or pick up time in between your business hours.

Singing up is easy and simple. You can do it straight from our website or if you aren't sure on how to do this and would prefer to speak to one of our team members, then you can do so on 02921 000 218.

All you need is an iBacsTel remote printer that will be provided for you when you sign up. In addition to this, a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access will be desirable to have in order for you to perform the managerial and reporting activities.

Having customers register to your website before placing any orders will help eliminate false orders. Details of customers and their order history will be at your disposal, so if you feel the need to you can look up these details to see whether or not this order is a genuine one. Contact number of customers will be provided so you can ring up those first time customers who you feel slightly suspicious of.


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Restaurants that use eTakeout have increased their takeout sales by an average of 20%

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