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eTakeout is an innovative solutions for online restaurant ordering needs. It is custom designed for individual restaurants and takeaways who can set up an online food ordering and delivery system with the use of this framework.

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Custom Website With Online Food Ordering menu

We make bespoke, modern websites with integrated, intuitive & flexible online ordering. It's your website, your domain name, with your branding, for your customers ... not a website that you share with all your competitors. It's much more than just a website, it's a genuine business tool that helps you to understand your customers, and build long term relationships with them. It's fully supported by our highly skilled team. Our account managers are available 24/7. We offer a great service, and it probably costs a lot less than you think.

Custom design

eTakeout is a complete branding package for your online website. The design is customized just for you, keeping in mind your requirements. You do not have to choose between five or six mock designs; instead we work from scratch in order to provide custom designed website solution for you. If you do not have an existing website for your restaurant, we are going to develop an eye-catching and attractive one for you; if you do have an existing website, we can improve its performance and attract more customers.

Payment solution

Payment Gateway/ Additional features. Start selling online instantly with our catalog, cart management, payment apps that integrate to your website. Automate to deliver a superior customer experience.

Payment Gateway integration - currently we are offering PayPal for carrying out monetary transactions, but the same can be changed to Credit Card, Master Card, etc, as per the requirements.


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Did You Know

Restaurants that use eTakeout have increased their takeout sales by an average of 20%

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